Definitions for "Beading"
Molding in imitation of beads.
A decorative strip or moulding. Found on furniture, silver, glassware, pottery etc.
A bead molding.
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The beads or bead-forming quality of certain liquors; as, the beading of a brand of whisky.
A quick but imprecise way of judging alcoholic strength. If you shake a bottle of whiskey tiny bubbles appear. The greater the alcohol content the bigger and longer-lasting the bubbles will be.
A rough method used to tell the alcoholic strength of a whisky. When a bottle is shaken, bubbles or beads will form. The bigger they are and the longer they last, the greater the alcoholic strength of the spirit.
The process of threading or stringing beads to create jewelry, adornments, etc.
Beading is the art of attaching beads to one another or to cloth using a needle and thread. Most beadwork takes the form of jewellery or other personal adornment, but beads are also used in wall hangings, cards, scrapbooks and sculptures.
Implantation of 4-10mm beads or pearls under the skin,traditionally of the shaft of the penis.
Pearls, crystals, sequins, bugle beads and/or rhinestones that create patterns on a simple background for added sparkle.
Another name for Astragal, it can also refer to a moulding of small repeated roundel s like beads, which is properly called Pearling, and not to be confused with gadrooning. See also Cockbead.
A vinyl welting hammered into the groove of the aluminum extrusion after the fabric is stapled in. It is designed to cover the staples and matches the color of the awning fabric. See also Vinyl Insert.
The process of forming a lip or groove around the body of a shell by means of suitably shaped interior and exterior rolls.
A continuous series of small dots or denticles found either around the rim of a coin or between the legend and field.
The tiny dots usually found around the rim of a coin.
also known as jeweling, a term from the Victorian era, this refers to dinnerware patterns that feature enameled, raised dots within the design
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A lace or embroidery which has slits through which ribbon may be drawn. END USE: Used as a top trim. View Image
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a slender, rounded strip of leather that encircles the top of the boot. The beading is most often made from the same material as the piping that runs down the side of the boot.
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See combing & beading.
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Rolled ring at the open end to reinforce the dipped goods.
The appearance of a blood vessel as of a string of beads, with alternating areas of narrowing and dilation.
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The small twist formed when twisting the silk or cotton in head-banding.
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The process of working with beads to create.