Definitions for "Onlay"
Keywords:  cusp, porcelain, inlay, tooth, restore
A restoration that extends to cover or replace one or more of the cusps of a tooth. It can be fabricated in a precious metal alloy (gold) , porcelain or composite resin.
A cast gold or porcelain filling that covers one or all of the tooth's cusps.
a cast RESTORATION retained by friction, mechanical factors, and cementation in a specially prepared tooth, which replaces one or more CUSPS and adjoining structures of the tooth
(Graft) Laid on the outside of a bone or part.
A decorative feature of an item of jewellery, such as a gemstone.
A carved or etched decorative ornament installed on the cabinet face. Also referred to as an appliqué.
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The application of a piece of clay onto another piece of clay.
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See Double.