Definitions for "Attendant Console"
Operator Console
An attendant console is the larger, specialized telephone set used by the operator or attendant to answer incoming calls and send those calls to the proper extension.
The web-based Attendant Console enables a user (for example, a receptionist) to monitor a configurable set of users within their business group. The Attendant Console window is also integrated with the Web Call Manager, thereby enabling the attendant to perform functions such as click-to-transfer or click-to-dial. The Attendant Console graphically displays users' status (busy, idle, do not disturb) as well as detailed call information. A variety of options are provided for managing the display including: sort list of monitored users by name department or title; filter user list by these categories; enter multiple letters of name to be displayed via automatic scrolling; select which column should appear and in which order (for example, name, title, department, number, extension, mobile, pager, status, e-mail); and option to view duration of monitored users' calls as well as name and number of parties they are talking to.