Definitions for "Voice Response Unit"
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A unit that plays one or more messages for incoming callers. An interactive Voice Response Unit invites the caller to press touch-tone keys in response to one or more series of options or to give verbal responses; based on the caller's response, it will then offer additional options or route the call.
A telecommunications computer, also called an Interactive Voice Response unit (IVR), that responds to caller entered touch-tone digits. The VRU responds to caller entered digits in much the same way that a conventional computer responds to keystrokes or a click of the mouse. The VRU uses a digitized voice to read menu selections to the caller. The caller then enters the touch-tone digits that correspond to the desired menu selection. The caller entered digits can invoke options as varied as looking up account balances, moving the call within or to another ACD, or playing a pre-recorded announcement for the caller.
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A device that enables output from a computer system in the form of user-recorder words, phrases, music, or anything that might be recorded on tape.