Definitions for "Animatic"
Keywords:  storyboard, prototype, rough, film, tvc
Refers to the process of taking XHTML wireframes and linking them together to create a "Clickable Prototype"#clickable_prototype. This process aides in determining the correct flow of your Information Architecture before production of your site or application. Derived from the process of animated storyboards used in film and animation production to give a sense of flow and continuity prior to principle photography.
A rough television commercial produced by photographing storyboard sketches on a film strip or video with the audio portion synchronised on tape. Used primarily for testing purposes.
a film that contains a rough prototype of the final film
Keywords:  pencil, roughly, draft, test, sometimes
a very roughly animated draft, sometimes called a "pencil test
Keywords:  movie, still, series, frames, timing
a series of still frames with the timing of the movie