Definitions for "Diorama"
A building used for such an exhibition.
Small scene or portion of a scene usually modeled in great detail. Used by modelers lacking room for a complete layout.
scale model scene made up from models set in a realistic background.
A backlit display located in airports, bus terminals, malls and sport stadiums/arenas.
Large back-illuminated advertising units for interior display. Dioramas are commonly found in airports and commuter rail stations.
A large backlit unit usually located in interior environments with heavy pedestrian traffic. Diorama displays are commonly found in airports, subways or rail stations and arena.
A mode of scenic representation, invented by Daguerre and Bouton, in which a painting is seen from a distance through a large opening. By a combination of transparent and opaque painting, and of transmitted and reflected light, and by contrivances such as screens and shutters, much diversity of scenic effect is produced.
A nineteenth-century entertainment in which the spectators sat in a circular room and viewed long transparent paintings that seemed to move as the lighting changed.
a perspective representation that creates a
The Diorama is a miniature world in Efteling amusement park in the Netherlands. The highly detailed mountainous world was designed by Anton Pieck and opened its doors in 1971, in honour of the 20th birthday of Efteling.
Diorama is a electropop/electrogoth band in Germany on the Accession Records label.
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Diptych Dotted print
a combination of model(s) and a believable setting that tells a story, sets a mood, or creates a charged atmosphere
a model which shows a situation, such as an historical event or animals in their natural surroundings, in a way that looks real because the height, length and width of what is being shown are accurately represented in comparison with each other.
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a mini-world - an entire landscape in a box, carry case, or
a great way to remember something that happened in your life