Definitions for "Virtual Tour "
Virtual Tour allows an administrator to glue together pictures of a place so that visitors are presented with a virtual environment that reminiscent of Myst.
A series of photos representing a business or location on a computer. Enrich Media offers interactive virtual tours that go far beyond simple photography.
a collection of media files, often panoramic photographs, presented inside a viewer
a computer program that shows potential buyers what the inside of a house looks like
a web slideshow developed for this site so you can see what Ecuador looks like and what you will experience on this course
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an asset, adding value and profitability to your website on a permanent round-the-clock basis
a set of video clips that allow potential homebuyers to look round your home with your needing to tidy up each time and with your even having to be home
a computer presentation of a real place where geometrical properties of space are conveyed to a human so that he or she feels as if he or she is actually there
a interactive representation of a physical space where you are able to freely navigate and explore the space
an ideal tool for positioning and promoting a property as being something special
Any method used to provide internet users with a graphical presentation of a property or properties.
Keywords:  viewed, image, place, computer, area
360° image of an area/place, which can be viewed from a computer.