Definitions for "Truffles"
A truffle is a bite-sized petit four, made from chocolate and ganache to which flavourings have been added, such as liqueurs or essences. Truffle mixtures can be piped in balls or long strands, rolled in cocoa powder, icing sugar or dipped in covertures. They are named after the truffles found in the ground, resembling the rough, dark shape and color.
Of irregular shape but generally round, these small temples of sensual pleasure are numerous: they are coated with coffee, cognac, or other infinite flavours. Dusted with sugar, cocoa ...
hypogeous ascomycete fruitbodies resembling plant tubers, usually highly aromatic when mature and prized as food by man and animals
The most elusive of all scents, found by burgundians in burgundy, Barolans in Barolo, Hermits in Hermitage