Definitions for "Carob"
An evergreen leguminous tree (Ceratania Siliqua) found in the countries bordering the Mediterranean; the St. John's bread; -- called also carob tree.
One of the long, sweet, succulent, pods of the carob tree, which are used as food for animals and sometimes eaten by man; -- called also St. John's bread, carob bean, and algaroba bean.
A powder or fine flour ground from the carob pod or locust bean. It is naturally sweet, low in fat and has no caffeine. It has a dark brown flavor and substitutes for chocolate, but lacks the characteristic bitterness of chocolate.
Rich in complex sugars, minerals & vitamins. Contains tannins, which are well recognised antidiarrheic agents for dogs and cats. Dried carob in combination with dried turmeric, rosemary, fenugreek and kelp help support the skeleton and articulations and help prevent HD.