Definitions for "Squid "
Any one of numerous species of ten-armed cephalopods having a long, tapered body, and a caudal fin on each side; especially, any species of Loligo, Ommastrephes, and related genera. See Calamary, Decacerata, Dibranchiata.
A sea mollusc of the cuttlefish family. Also known as calamari.
a sea animal with a long a long, soft body and 10 tentacles.
(Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food
a gourmet food company on Kangaroo Island , South Australia
a loop of superconducting material interrupted by one rf or two dc resistive regions known as Josephson junctions
(n) someone who rides crazier than you do
An aggressive, unsafe rider who does stunts on public roads, usually not wearing suitable safety equipment.
a motorcycle rider who, experienced or not, rides outside his abilities and sets poor examples by attire, propriety, and general behavior on the motorcycle
Fond (and sometimes not-so-fond) nickname for US Navy personnel.
Affectionate term for U.S. Navy personnel most often heard at language school and Goodfellow.
Squid is a high performance Web proxy cache that can be arranged hierarchically for an improvement in response times and a reduction in bandwith usage. Squid runs on all popular Unix and Windows platforms.
See Also: proxy
The original Proxy software that the BrightBox uses to Cache and filter content. Squid is a clear leader in proxying software proving again and again to be one of the fastest caching solutions available. Squid is freely downloadable from the Internet and conforms to the Open Source model of software development. It is this "Open" model that has allowed BrightSparks to heavily modify Squid and combine it with a modified version of SquidGuard to provide the powerful Multi-State Filtering engine that powers your BrightSparks school Internet solution.
The Squid was a World War II ship-mounted anti-submarine weapon. It consisted of a three-barrelled mortar which launched depth charges. It replaced the Hedgehog system, and was in turn replaced by the Limbo system.
A fishhook with a piece of bright lead, bone, or other substance, fastened on its shank to imitate a squid.
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A modern term for a "swab".
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Another term for a fossil Belemnite
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A German Prisoner.
a scalable peer-to-peer infrastructure for performing flexible keyword-based queries with guaranteed results
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