Definitions for "Kelpie"
Keywords:  drown, scottish, lure, folklore, spirit
An imaginary spirit of the waters, horselike in form, vulgarly believed to warn, by preternatural noises and lights, those who are to be drowned.
Scotland's best known spirit type, a water spirit which haunts rivers, usually luring the unwary to their deaths. According to folklore, the kelpie can take the appearance of a wild man, but more commonly appears as a young horse which tricks humans into climbing onto its back before it plunges with them into deep, treacherous waters. The spirit is said to wail eerily during storms and occasionally slap the water with its tail to produce sounds similar to thunder. Legends state that the spirit can be bound to do the bidding of the living by placing a bridle upon the horse spirit, but if the bridle should be taken off or slip off, the spirit will rebel against its captor and place a hereditary curse upon its assailant and their families.
Scottish term for water-horse. More often used with the supernatural qualities such as shape-shifting. Sightings of water-horses or 'kelpies' are recorded throughout the Highlands but are distinctly separate from sightings of the more popular 'long-necked' beasts. Master-Otter
( our dog) .......The Clever Kelpie A kelpie dog was being discussed in a country pub in Queensland. 'That there dog of mine's a bloody marvel,' said the proud bushman. 'He does just about everything. He brings in the cows, goes out after rabbits, gets the mail from the post-office, yards the sheep ...yes, he does just about everything.' 'Well,' said the stranger, 'if he's such a flaming marvel why don't you call him in and let me buy him a beer.' 'Now, fair go,mate,' said the bushman. 'That's one thing I won't allow. It would'nt be right, seeing as he's got to drive me home.'
an Australian sheepdog with pointed ears
an Australian breed of dog