Definitions for "Personal Statement"
a focused example of a personal essay
an essay in which an applicant has a lot of freedom in choosing the topic
an essay that describes your goals, lists your professional and related experiences, and states your academic and clinical background
This is the information on your personal credit report along with the records that have been reported by you, your creditors and other sources. It contains your driving license number, your telephone number, your social security number etc.
a chance for you to share more of your personality with other moms
a piece of writing you will be asked to submit as part of your application for postgraduate study
a narrative in which the writer chooses a theme or thesis to relate aspects of himself or herself to the admission committee as a required part of the application process to medical school or other health professional program
a seriously important document and, if you are unable to have an interview, it is your first impression to the graduate admissions officer
a short statement about how and why you became an artist
A statement made by any MSP at a meeting of the Parliament, at the discretion of the Presiding Officer, and included in the business programme by the Parliamentary Bureau. Such a statement may be made, for example, where a member wishes to make a public apology to the Parliament or explain their resignation from an office. It cannot be debated by the Parliament (rule 13.1).
a required part of each application (ERAS, SF Match, or Institutional Applications)
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a different type of a person