Definitions for "Statement of Purpose"
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Also Mission Statement. A document bringing together the major principles of your activities as stated in your constitution. It is the highest level in the process of strategic planning. (See VAN briefing no. 60).
A detailed description of the career the applicant intends to pursue after graduation. A statement of purpose is often requested as part of the admissions procedure at a university.
a brief explanation, in lay terms, of what a bill would do or what changes a bill would make from existing law
a short written piece that colleges often ask you to include as part of your application
This is the mission statement of Maryville College. It is printed in your Catalog and underlies all programs, activities, and curricula of the College. It is periodically re-examined to keep it current, but it is an enduring and permanent foundational document.
a good place to start," Gene Policinski , executive director of the Freedom Forum's First Amendment Center and co-facilitator of "Recruiting a Diverse Staff," said
A statement setting out why a residential or day care centre is in business, what it seeks to achieve and how it will set out to achieve it. First recommended for residential homes by the Residential Care Association in the late 1970s, they became mandatory for private residential homes in England and Wales in 1984 and for local authority children's homes in the 1990s. The Howe Report recommended that they should be mandatory for all residential homes.
details of the school including the aims and objectives, policies and procedures followed, facilities and services provided
A document required of a borrower who is using margin securities as collateral for a loan, stating the purpose of the loan.
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a statement of reason for being