Definitions for "Institutional"
Keywords:  rudimental, elementary
Elementary; rudimental.
Investments that are not available to the general public. Institutional funds are designed for investors with very large portfolios and very disciplined philosophies in order to minimize trading costs and taxes. Most financial advisors do not have access to the quality of institutional funds that Abacus advisors do.
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a person who is at home in an institution, who knows how to play the game, who knows what direction the tide is flowing in, whose mind and conscience are not his own, but belong to the world around him
Processed product packaged for sale to institutions (generally 32 ounce containers and larger) such as restaurants, prisons, schools; etc.
as describes company services or research but does not contain product-specific information.
One of the markets in children's publishing, named for the institutions the books are sold to--schools and libraries.
Group quarters for persons under care or custody. (U.S. Census Definition)
ethics committee See: ethics committee Terms that contain "ethics committee" in the definition
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Pertaining to, or treating of, an institution or institutions; as, institutional legends.
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organized as or forming an institution; "institutional religion"
relating to or constituting or involving an institution; "institutional policy"
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Instituted by authority.