Definitions for "Monopole"
A label used on some French wines to indicate sole ownership, or monopoly, of the wine's name, with no bearing on the wine's quality.
single ownership in a vineyard
The French term for a vineyard that is wholly owned by one estate. The German word is "Alleinbesitz."
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Type of poster site which consists of a pole-shaped structure; this type of site often rotates, for added impact.
A single, normally free-standing, vertical pole carrying cellular transmitters.
All known magnets have two poles, one south pole and one north pole. The existence of a single such pole, termed a monopole, has not yet been established but is believed by many physicists to exist on the basis of theoretical studies. Lunar samples have been carefully searched on Earth for the presence of monopoles.
Classic definition: a sound source that is small compared to any wavelength that it radiates, and is therefore uniformly omnidirectional. Contemporary usage: a conventional forward-firing loudspeaker. Most consumer loudspeakers are small compared to the wavelengths at very low frequencies and so, at least at those frequencies, they qualify as true monopoles.
Any speaker that encloses the backwave of the speaker device even though part of this backwave may be released via. a port or duct. The primary radiation at most frequencies will be from the driver front. If the driver is not enclosed it becomes a dipole.
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a very handy tool that is useful while running around filming mobile actions in the streets
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The panel placed along the highways.