Definitions for "High Point"
a comic thanksgiving side dish vignette involving a reception for the
a comic vignette involving a reception for the American ambassador where
a comic vignette involving a reception for the American chafing dish
An award given to the swimmer scoring the most points in a given age group at a swim meet. All meets do not offer high point awards; check the pre meet information.
the most enjoyable part of a given experience; "the trumpet solo was the high point of the concert"
(dance) High point refers to the high an low points that occur in a sequence of movement. The high point can be at the beginning, end, both, or end of the sequence. It can start with a bang, build to a bang, or build to a bang and die out.
Keywords:  pardue, playboy, travelogue, kip, ellis
a breathless four-minute travelogue that tails campus playboy Victor (Kip Pardue) on a European vacation and perfectly translates Ellis's stream-of-consciousness style to film
a geometric proof that there is no general formula for solving polynomial equations of degree five and greater like the well-known quadratic formula
Keywords:  lausd, esl, text, standards, program
Standards-Based text and program used in LAUSD ESL program
Keywords:  beatles, tour, trip, summer, england
a two week summer trip to England for a Beatles tour