Definitions for "ESL"
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nglish as a econd anguage: Refers to non-native English speaking students or programs pertaining to the teaching of non-native English speaking students.
nglish as a econd anguage. Originally this term referred to non-native speakers who are learning English language in an English language environment. For example, a new immigrant learning English in Canada. Note: ESL can be used to refer to English when it is an individual's third or fourth language as well.
Electrophysiological Scripting Language. A proprietary language used to define automated scripts under CESLab.
Electronic Sports League. one of the largest and oldest competitive gaming leagues in Europe. It was founded as a German league in 1997 (under the name Deutsche Clanliga - DeCL). In the ESL over 530.000 players and 205.000 teams take part in different competitions and ladders.
Entry Support License
Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory
Expert Support Laboratory. The algorithms for Level 2 data processing comprise the retrieval of geophysical parameters from Level 1b (engineering) products. This step relies strongly on scientific inputs (e.g. methods for determing gas densities for atmospheric measurements) to be provided by scientific experts, i.e. the algorithms used in the operational processors are based on expert investigations. The Expert Support Laboratories are the formal implementation of this philosophy.
Abbreviation for Equivalent Series Inductance
Equivalent Series Inductance. The value of a inductance in series with an ideal capacitor , which duplicates the performance of a real capacitor.
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Electronic System Level
electronic shelf labels. Liquid crystal display (LCD) shelf tags linked to a backroom computer and POS system that automatically display price changes.
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Etch Stop Layer. A layer of film used to identify a place for etching to stop. For example, a nitride layer can be deposited over a poly layer to signal the etch process to stop before etching the poly layer.
Extended Sick Leave. A University benefit, which provides an injured employee who is receiving temporary disability payments with 80% of salary, for up to 26 weeks per injury, after sick leave accruals are exhausted. The difference between 80% of salary and the temporary disability rate, is paid by the department.