Definitions for "Foreign language"
Keywords:  struggle, weapon, marx, economic, life
a useful weapon in economic struggle
a weapon in , as Marx put it
a weapon in the struggle of life
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A language to which Lisp can be interfaced using the FLI. Currently the FLI interfaces to C, and therefore also the Win32 API functions.
a language (other than the native language) learned or used by a person for limited and/or specific purposes such as business transactions or reading. A foreign language is not learned with the in-tent of using it extensively in daily life. Contrast SECOND LANGUAGE.
a language that is not the official language of your country
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Spanos, Tony 626-6696
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an important advantage for an experienced specialist in any field
an important business asset
an important doorway to another culture
Keywords:  babel, mere, understand, sounds
a mere babel of sounds to those who do not understand it
Keywords:  korea, korean, love, recreate, comics
an interesting North American attempt to recreate the Korean comics format for a love story set in Korea
Keywords:  endlessly, ing, kind, work, difference
a kind of endlessly work-ing difference generator
Keywords:  strange, entry, world
an entry to a strange world
Keywords:  ets, trademark
a trademark of ETS
Keywords:  bigger, hotels, luxury, great, attached
a great help in the bigger establishments attached to luxury hotels
a plus, but not essential
a plus in the increasingly global environment, and computer courses for non-technical majors are essential in this electronic age, she says
Keywords:  compulsory, aspect, degree
a compulsory aspect of my degree
a living thing, it is always changing and new words and expressions are always being created
a wonderful thing to know
a discipline to be studied with attention and dedication
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
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a powerful tool for your career in life
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a requirement for a B