Definitions for "English Language Learners"
Keywords:  ell, proficient, lep, esl, bilingual
ELLs are students whose first language is not English and who are in the process of learning English. (See also LEP.) In Pennsylvania, a three-question Home Language Survey is used to identify those students who may be in need of ESL instruction. A "yes" answer to one or more questions means the student is given an assessment to determine the language services he or she may need. If identified as needing ESL instruction, the student may receive services in an ESL or bilingual program.
A student who speaks one or more languages other than English and is developing proficiency in English.
Students who are language minority and still in the process of acquiring both social and academic English language skills (in listening, speaking, reading, and writing) to a level commensurate with age-level English-speaking peers.