Definitions for "Hazard Identification"
Determination of substances of concern, their adverse effects, target populations, and conditions of exposure, taking into account toxicity data and knowledge of effects on human health, other organisms and their environment. WHO, 1988
The process of determining whether exposure to an agent can cause an increase in the incidence of a health condition.
the detection and identification of hazards.
The process of identifying potential causes of injury or illness. Different methods may be used to identify hazards including observation; consultation with workers, clients or other users; trial of models or prototypes; review of technical standards and other information sources; monitoring and measurement.
is the process of identifying situations or events that could give rise to the potential of injury, or of harm to the health, of a person.
The process of identifying the pathogenic agents that could potentially be introduced in the commodity considered for importation. (from OIE 2003a)
determines whether and how a substance can be harmful to humans.