Definitions for "Hazard Assessment"
Assessment of potential internal and external risks to the collection. See also Disaster preparedness.
Determination of factors controlling the likely effects of a hazard such as the dose-effect and dose-response relationships, variations in target susceptibility, and mechanism of toxicity. RT exposure assessment, hazard evaluation, hazard identification, risk assessment, risk characterization, risk estimation, risk evaluation, risk identification, risk perception.
Assess hazards to determine risks. Assess the impact of each hazard in terms of potential loss, cost, or strategic degradation based on probability and severity. see also: Hazard Fuel; Risk
an important element of a PPE program because it produces the information needed to select the appropriate PPE for any hazards present or likely to be present at particular workplaces
The process of examining evidence linking a particular hazard to its harmful effects.
The process of determining whether exposure to an agent can cause an increase in the incidence of a particular adverse health effect (e.g., cancer, birth defect) and whether the adverse health effect is likely to occur in humans.
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