Definitions for "PPE"
Personal Protection Equipment
ersonal rotective quipment; goggles, gloves, and the like
Personnel Protective Equipment. All firefighting personnel must be equipped with proper equipment and clothing in order to mitigate the risk of injury from, or exposure to, hazardous conditions encountered while working. PPE includes, but is not limited to: 8-inch high-laced leather boots with lug soles, fire shelter, hard hat with chin strap, goggles, ear plugs, aramid shirts and trousers, leather gloves and individual first aid kits.
Partido Popular Europeo
Partito Popolare Europeo
Partit Popular Europeu
palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia; a progressive syndrome causing damage to the soft tissues of the hands and feet that is associated with several chemotherapeutic agents.
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Polyphenylene ether
Paid period of experience
Parkfield Prediction Experiment
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Pay-Per-Email. Each time someone provides a valid email adress you get credited.
plan, perform, evaluate. an ongoing, effective way of analysing performance.
Post Project Evaluation
Philosophy, Politics and Economics PPE brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the social and human world around us, developing skills useful for a whole range of future careers and activities.
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Probable point of entry.