Definitions for "Gloves"
Keywords:  birman, paws, ragdoll, foreparts, white
Referring to the white on the front feet, not extending up the leg.
White foreparts of Birman and Ragdoll paws.
The white-tipped front paws of a Birman cat
A protective covering for the hand which, unlike mittens, are made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb. The primary purpose is to prortive the hand in cold weather, but they are also, especially white gloves, are worn as part of forml dress outfits.
The player's gloves must cover their hand and wrist, and their palm must not be removed to permit the use of bare hands.
Hot shops normally require two kinds of gloves: leather welding gloves for handling ordinary hot materials and ceramic fiber/kelvar for handling hot solid glass in the 600-1000°F. The latter are fairly fragile, should be preheated to drive off moisture and reduce thermal shock, and should not be used for tough jobs. They cost about $60 a pair.
Luge gloves are spiked at the fingertips to assist with the start and paddling motion as the sliders accelerate onto the track.
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See Gauntlets.
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Used when lifting heavier lanterns.
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To dream of gloves means that you will have a lawsuit or business troubles, but you will settle them in a manner that satisfies you. To find a pair of gloves denotes a marriage or new love affair.
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batting gloves. wicket-keeping gloves.