Definitions for "Hazard Analysis"
Keywords:  haccp, safety, fmeca, avionics, fmea
A technique used to identify conceivable failures affecting system performance, human safety or other required characteristics. See: FMEA, FMECA, FTA, software hazard analysis, software safety requirements analysis, software safety design analysis, software safety code analysis, software safety test analysis, software safety change analysis.
Collecting and evaluating information on hazards to decide which ones may be significant for food safety and should be addressed in a HACCP plan.
The process of collecting and evaluating information on hazards and conditions leading to their presence to decide which are significant for food safety and therefore should be addressed in the HACCP plan.
a systematic process for collecting information about hazards present in your workplace
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a way of focusing on job tasks to identify hazards before injuries occur
A process for determining loss exposure and loss potential by comparing loss history against applicable standards.