Definitions for "GSP"
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Generalized System of Preferences.
Generic Server Passer
Generalized System of Preference
Global Sullivan Principles
Global Service Provider. An entity authorized under contract with XDI.ORG to provide Global Services.
See Global Service Provider.
Gelatin silver print. A photographic print made on paper which is coated with gelatin impregnated with lightsensitive silver. One of several ways of making a blackandwhite photographic image, noted for producing a wide range of gray tones.
Gas sterilization process TDP Transdermal patches
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Ground Segment Processor
On a buoy report, maximum 5-second peak gust during the measurement hour, reported at the last hourly 10-minute segment.
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Gigabit Switch Platform
gross social product
Gross State Product. A measurement of a State's output; it is the sum of gross state product originating (GSPO) from all industries in the State. GSP is the State counterpart of the Nation's GDP.
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Grid Security Project
Grid Supply Point
Government of Canada Security Policy
Government Security Policy. Government Security Policy (GSP) is the policy that mandates how we are going to protect personnel and assets including information and Information Technology (IT) systems while assuring service delivery.
See Government Security Policy.
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See braid line.
Acronym for Graphics Signal Processing.
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guaranteed sale program