Definitions for "GDP"
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Gross Domestic Product - GDP Measures the value of goods and services produced...
General Domestic Product
Good Distribution Practice
Guanosine diphosphate, which is formed when GTP is hydrolyzed, releasing the terminal phosphate group.
guanosine 5-diphosphate
guanosine diphosphate, a chemical compound created by the actions of GTPases on GTP and essential to signal transduction in living cells genome: an organism's complete set of genetic material.
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Grounded into double play, also GIDP. Hits.
Grounded into Double Plays. also GIDP.
Details ] [ ] Grounded into double play. Not recorded prior to 1933 in the NL, or 1939 in the AL, and not at all for the other leagues. Unfortunately, without opportunity information, I don't find it very useful for inclusion in EqA. There is also evidence, from Tom Ruane, that players who hit into more DP also tend to advance more runners with outs, enough to offset the DPs.
ateway iscovery rotocol - A Cisco ® protocol that enables a router to dynamically learn about routes to other networks.
Gateway Discovery Protocol. Cisco protocol that allows hosts to dynamically detect the arrival of new routers as well as determine when a router goes down. Based on UDP. See also UDP.
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Gewerkschaft Der Polizei
Ground Delay Program. Ground Delay Programs are implemented to control air traffic volume to airports where the projected traffic demand is expected to exceed the airport's acceptance rate for a lengthy period of time. Lengthy periods of demand exceeding acceptance rate are normally a result of the airport's acceptance rate being reduced for some reason. The most common reason for a reduction in acceptance rate is adverse weather such as low ceilings and visibility. How it works: Flights that are destined to the affected airport are issued Expect Departure Clearance Times (EDCT) at their point of departure. Flights that have been issued EDCTs are not permitted to depart until their Expect Departure Clearance Time. These ECDTs are calculated in such a way as to meter the rate that traffic arrives at the affected airport; ensuring that demand is equal to acceptance rate. The length of delays that result from the implementation of a Ground Delay Program is a factor of two things; how much greater than the acceptance rate the original demand was, and for what length of time the original demand was expected to exceed the acceptance rate.
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Gaseous Diffusion Plant
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Graphic Draw Primitive
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See Glossary entry below.
Generalized Development Plan
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General Development Plan