Definitions for "DPS"
Total dividend ÷ number of shares in issue.... more on: DPS (dividend per share)
Dividend Per Share, the amount of earnings paid out to shareholders on a per share basis. Back to the top EPS Earnings Per Share, calculated by dividing the NPAT by Number of shares on issue. Back to the top Franking The percentage of the dividend on which the company has already paid tax.
Dividend per share. Dividend Declared / Number of shares This is the amount of dividend declared by the company calculated on a rupees-per-share basis.
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An extension largely compatible with Display PostScript. The implementation is targeted at XFree86, and is based on L. Peter Deutsch's ``Ghostscript'' interpreter. This project is obsolete.
Delta Points Scored. The difference between the actual number of points scored by a team in a game and the amount they were projected to score by the Vegas Lines. For example, if the Vegas line is minus 8 and the O/U line is 180, the projected final score is 94-86 -- right on the number for both the side and the total. If the favorite scores 90 points then their DPS is minus 4 points. That is, they scored 4 points fewer than projected by the Vegas lines.
Detector & Processor Subsystem, subsystem dedicated to the detection and processing of X-rays, consisting of the DA, DEA and DPA.
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No defintion.
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Danish b Dansk b Pige Spejderkorps
Descent Propulsion System. The rocket engine in the lower part of the lunar module. It provides the thrust for the lunar module to leave orbit and descend to the lunar surface, and to control the descent for a soft touchdown.
Decoupled Plasma Source. A technology used within conductor etch that separates the management of plasma density and bias power, resulting in the ability to provide a uniform high ion density over a large process window, maintain a linear plasma density dependence on the inductive RF power and apply a minimum bias power.
Delhi Public School
Division of Public Schools [Florida Board of Education.
Delaware Photographic Society s
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Document Processing Systems
DAAC/ECS Processing System
Division of Provider Services. The agency responsible for third party resource claims and payments, operation and management of MMIS, processing and payment of medical claims, provider enrollment, provider relations, and third-party recovery.
Data Processing System. The CLC hardware, software, and peripheral devices. More information. Back to
show HIDE Double-page spread.
Double Page Spread. An advertisement that covers the entire surface of the left hand page, the gutter and the right hand page of a publication.
Dynamic Positioning System. A system that will maintain a vessel's exact position without using conventional moorings. The system is based upon satellite navigation technology and a set of computer-controlled propellers. Synonym: DP.
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Dennis Printing Service. The only name you need to know for all of your printing and imaging needs.
Department of Parliamentary Services
Department of Public Safety
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District Police Station
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Distributed Problem Solving.
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Defense Protective Service
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Detailed Planning Schedule
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Direct Program Support
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Digital Processing Systems