Definitions for "cum"
Means ‘with' or ‘including'. A cum price includes the right to any declared dividend or bonus.
Is derived from Latin and refers to "with," "attached," or "included." For instance when a share is 'cum-dividend' it has declared, but not yet paid out this dividend..
The opposite of 'Ex', it is used to denote rights and entitlements that come with a share when it is purchased or sold, for example 'Cum-div' means bought with any dividend due.
ommunite rbain du ontreal. Montreal Urban Community, composed of the 29 municipalities in the Montreal area.
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sperm (Phaedra's Love).
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Massage Parlors Vominatrix
pronounced "kyoom," it refers to a person's cumulative grade point average
the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract
Generally for a man to orgasm and ejaculate and for a woman to orgasm
cubic metres or m3, measurement of volume of timber.
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with; together with; along with; as, I work at home in an office-cum-bedroom.
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Jack Off
"With" (vs. Ex-).