Definitions for "Gridiron"
A grated iron utensil for broiling flesh and fish over coals.
An openwork frame on which vessels are placed for examination, cleaning, and repairs.
design looking like a set of parallel bars.
A football field; -- so called because of the resemblance of the parallel marked yard lines to a gridiron{1}.
Another name for the football field.
the playing field on which football is played
A simple web application framework written in java using the Servlet
Gridiron is a science fiction story written by British author Philip Kerr. It is a story about a highly technical building (nicknamed The Gridiron), which becomes self-aware and tries to kill everyone inside, confusing real life with a video game.
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GRIDIRON is the former name of a database load balancer from xkoto that works with IBM's DB2. It is now known as GRIDSCALE.