Definitions for "Domestic Partner"
Stanford University defines Domestic Partner as the partner of an eligible employee or retiree who is: The same sex, or Opposite sex if one partner is at least age 62 and eligible for Social Security benefits. You and your domestic partner must share a long-term committed relationship of indefinite duration. This includes individuals who have been sharing a common residence in an exclusive mutual commitment similar to marriage. To enroll your domestic partner for benefits coverage, you must certify eligibility during the enrollment process. If your partner has a dependent child who will be covered by Stanford benefits, you may also be required to complete the Certification of Legal Tax Dependency of Domestic Partner and Child(ren) form.
A person who lives with someone in a committed relationship. Legal definitions and employer definitions vary from state to state and benefit to benefit.
An Associate's life partner as evidenced by completing an affidavit, which attests that they are in a committed exclusive relationship.