Definitions for "Dependents"
Individuals, generally the subscriber's spouse and/or minor children, who are eligible to receive health care services under the subscriber's contract.
The employees' or retiree's children, legally adopted children or children placed in the home for the purpose of adoption, stepchildren for whom the employee or retiree is financially responsible or any other children for whom the employee or retiree has established legal guardianship. To determine eligibility an employee must be 1) salaried (OPS employee's are not eligible) and 2) a full time university employee.
A dependent is either a spouse or a relative (child, parent, sibling) who is financially dependent on the grantee. No transportation or insurance is provided for dependents. A small maintenance allowance may be provided for accompanying dependents in some countries. The balance of maintenance expenses for dependents is the responsibility of the grantee. An accompanying dependent is one spending at least 80 percent of the grant period abroad.
For a particular unit of a program, all those parts of the program which depend on it (e.g. via a with clause) and which will need recompiling as a result of any changes.
PowerAda compilation units that would have to be recompiled if another unit were to be recompiled because of the compilation order imposed by the Ada language.
Cell that is referenced in another cell.
Cells that contain formulas that refer to other cells.