Definitions for "Assignment of support rights"
Keywords:  arrearages, tanf, medi, recoup, custody
A person gives up all of his or her child support rights to the county, in exchange for AFDC (welfare) and/or Medicaid benefits.
the determination that a family is eligible for IV-A benefits automatically invokes a state law (Section 26-2-111(3)(g), C.R.S., as amended) that assigns to the State Department all rights that the applicant may have to support from any other person on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any other family member for whom application is made. The assignment is effective for both current and accrued support. The assignment remains in effect with respect to amounts of any unpaid support obligation accrued under the assignment that was owed prior to the termination of IV-A benefits and is limited by the total amount of IV-A cash assistance received. When a child is placed in foster care, all rights to current and accrued child support for the benefit of the child are assigned to the State Department pursuant to Section 26-13-113, C.R.S.
A person receiving temporary cash assistance (FIP) and / or RIte Care agrees to turn over to the State any right to child support, including arrearages, paid or owed by the obligated parent, in exchange for receipt of FIP and other benefits Complaint Written document filed in court in which the person initiating the action names the persons, allegations, and relief sought Consent Agreement Voluntary written agreement for support and/or health insurance Custodial Parent Person with legal custody and with whom the child lives; may be the parent, other relative or someone else Custody Legal determination which establishes with whom a child should live Default Failure of a defendant to file an answer, response, or appeal in a civil case within a certain number of days after having been served with a summons and complaint