Definitions for "UPA"
Uniform Partnership Act. A model partnership statute that has been adopted, with relatively few changes, by all states except Louisiana.
Uniform Partnership Act. Most states have adopted the "Uniform Partnership Act" (UPA), which permits real estate to be held in the partnership name. The "Uniform Limited Partnership Act" (ULPA) has also been widely adopted. It establishes the legality of the limited partnership entity and provides that realty may be held in the limited partnership's name. Profits and losses are passed through the partnership to each partner, whose individual tax situation determines the tax consequences. Uniform Partnership Act—Full Text Uniform Limited Partnership Act—Full Text
Uniform Parentage Act. Refer to UPA for definition. See: Living in the Home of a Relative or Legal Guardian
União das Populacões de Angola (Union of the People of Angola). Founded by Holden Roberto, the UPA organized widespread attacks against Portuguese settlements on March 15, 1961 - the start of the war for independence. It soon changed names to become the FNLA.
Union of the Peoples of Angola
Union des Producteurs Agricoles
Universal Powerline Association
University Postgraduate Awards
Universities Personnel Association
Konami in 1988 for the Famicom Disk System game Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa. He has not been released in a game outside of Japan other than the pirated game Mario Baby, which was identical to Bio Miracle but with an altered title screen.
a protease or digestive enzyme that is made by the PC cell, stimulates PC cell and osteoblast growth, and is involved with invasion and metastasis
(n.) UltraSPARC port architecture.
Unreimbursed Public Assistance
United Progressive Alliance
United Payment GmbH.