Definitions for "AFFIDAVIT"
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A voluntary, written, or printed declaration of facts, confirmed by oath of the party making it before a person with authority to administer the oath.
A statement of declaration in writing and affirmed before an official with authority to administer an oath; a statement of declaration alleging fact to support the issuance of a search or arrest warrant.
Any written document in which the person signing swears under oath, before someone authorised to take oaths, that the statements in the document are true.
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an easy no-brainer
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is a computer-generated print out of commercials played in a contract. It will give the exact times a commercial played and is available to advertisers on request.
Created by the TV station or cable network sales departments and sent to agency clients documenting their allotted commercial run times and specific prices paid.
3/4– A document used in commercial television stating that a commercial or program ran as ordered.
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Executor Movable Property
a post-registration form that the USPTO requires from all applicants
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a document that sets out a truthful account of all your evidence in support of your application
a legal document and would facilitate action against defaulters
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a little different from a letter of support