Definitions for "Notice of Motion"
To obtain a court order for support, discovery or other relief, either party may file a Notice of Motion with the Court. The Notice is supported by the certification of the party seeking the relief. Most often, the Court permits attorneys to appear in court and make arguments on behalf of their clients on the return date of the motion. Clients may appear in court on motion days to observe the procedure but are rarely allowed to testify. Occasionally, the Court makes its decision solely by reading the papers submitted. After the decision is entered, one of the lawyers prepares an order that documents the judge's ruling.
Court document that can be used to ask the court to change a maintenance order or remove an attachment.
a method of informing the membership in advance of the intention to make a specific motion
A formal notice by a member that he or she intends to present a Resolution on a particular stance. The Resolution wording may be included in the notice.
the form completed by an appellant or respondent to start a process in chambers
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See " Variation Application. O to S