Definitions for "Coppa"
Keywords:  pork, cured, dried, shoulder, sliced
Salt-cured, sweet and fragrant pork from Northern Italy .
head cheese, a fatty pork cold cut; also cup or bowl (of dessert or ice cream);
A salted pork slicing sausage, dried and smoked with herbs; from Corsica
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Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act, one of several laws that have been passed to protect children who use the Internet. This law prohibits Web sites from collecting children's private information or sharing that information with others, and also strictly regulates any online direct marketing to children. Communication tools that are regulated by COPPA include e-mail, instant messaging, and chat. For more information on this law, visit the FTC's site at and search for COPPA.
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. A U.S. law that took effect on April 21, 2000. This law requires parental consent for certain Web sites to knowingly collect personally identifiable information on children under the age of 13.
COPPA - See Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act.