Definitions for "Cacciatore"
alla Literally "hunter-style"; alludes to the varying methods of stewing lamb, chicken, veal, and rabbit. Northern ingredients typically include tomatoes, while those of central and southern Italy predominantly use rosemary, garlic, and vinegar. cacciucco A Tuscan stew made by the Etruscans as long as three thousand years ago, cacciucco is made either with fish and seafood or with meat. In both cases, many varieties of meat or fish are cooked with vegetables and given an especially sharp flavor by a generous quantity of garlic and chili pepper. The seaside town of Livorno is famous for its fish and seafood cacciucco.
kah-chuh-TOR-ee] Italian for "hunter", this American-Italian term refers to food prepared "hunter-style", with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, various herbs and sometimes wine. Chicken cacciatore is the most popular dish prepared in this style.
Italian style of cooking in a flavorful tomato-wine sauce. Usually chicken or veal.