Definitions for "Torta "
A Mexican sandwich made from bolillo (hard Mexican roll) cut in half and stuffed with tomatoes, avocados or guacamole and carne asada, shredded beef or chicken, cheese and salsa.
a Mexican sandwich on a French roll
a Mexican-style sandwich
Stiffly beaten eggs leavened with baking powder and seasoned with salt and oregano, then deep fried. Served during Lent with chile or with a chile sauce as a meat substitute.
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a flat heap of moist, crushed silver ore, prepared for the patio process.
Torta shows you where your disk space is going. It uses the graphical format used by filelight to represent disk usage. Unlike filelight, it can be run on a computer with no graphical environment: it generates a Flash file that can be consulted, locally or remotely, using any browser that has the Flash plugin installed.
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Italian tart