Definitions for "Chain of command"
(Designated to Receive a Protected Disclosure)- Chain of command begins with that officer who has properly assumed or been appointed, in accordance with applicable National Guard regulations, in immediate command over the individual concerned, and includes all superior commanders over such individuals.
succession of commanding officers from a superior to a subordinate through which command is exercised.
The successive ownerships or transfers in the history of title to a tract of land.
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The plan of organization suggested to Moses by his father-in-law, Jethro in Exodus 18:13-27.
an absolute essential for getting done, in an organized way, any task that requires the effort of more than one person
A series of management positions in order of authority.
the line of authority that extends from the highest to the lowest levels of an organization
a line of authority that links all persons in an organization and defines who reports to whom.
Collaborative Filtering Computer kiosk
Reporting relationships within a business; the flow of decision-making power in a firm.