Definitions for "Star Wars"
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See; Strategic Defense Initiative.
Hugely popular and, let's face it, overrated series of films created by George Lucas. Lucas has a round head but has grown and trimmed a beard to affect a chin. PBR TARDIS - Doctor Who's time travel machine which is bigger on the inside than on the outside and looks like an old fashioned police telephone call box. It was once established to be infinitely big on the inside which begs the question, how did Peter Davidson manage to jettison twenty five percent of it in that episode once? After all, twenty five percent of infinity is infinity, right? PBR
(SEE Shadow Pass) This Flair move originated in Europe during the nineties. It is a thrown pass behind the head and was originally called a "Star Wars" because it gives the illusion that you are using "The Force." There are many variations although it usually involves a blind catch. In 2002 this move was greatly popularized by the Bartenders at Shadow Bar, Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas. People started referring to the move as a Shadow Pass.