Definitions for "Bis"
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Twice; -- a word showing that something is, or is to be, repeated; as a passage of music, or an item in accounts.
he postscript "bis is used to note the second version of an ITU standard (bis is French for two). For example, V.32bis is the second version of the V.32 standard.
Latin for twice, audiences in European opera houses shout bis when they want an encore.
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Best in Show. The Best dog/bitch at a particular dog show.
Best In Show. The highest award given at a sanctioned show.
best in show - a cat at a cat show that has placed top in its class
N, N-methylenebisacrylamide
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Biodiversity Information System
Berkeley Information Systems: data warehouse for central administrative systems such as BFS and HRMS.
Business Information Systems, more information ...
British Interplanetary Society.
British Iris Society. For membership details and application form write to Clive Russell, c/o The Iris Garden, enclosing s.a.e. or e-mail [email protected]
Building an Inclusive Society (Social)
CAS Number: 117-81-7. Also known as Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate and DEHP. A clear, oily liquid that is practically insoluble in water, has a slight odor and is primarily used in the plastics industry as a plasticizer. Chemical formula = C24H38O4. Molecular weight = 390.57 g/mol. Learn More...
Formerly the Bureau of Information Systems in the DHFS Division of Management and Technology. It is now BITS, the Bureau of Information Technolody Services
Bureau of Industry and Security, Commerce Department
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Bachelor of Individualized Studies. This is a degree offered by CLA and requires the GPT.
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BJ Black Friday
Business Intelligence System. A software application that tracks customers, orders, products, shipments and all aspects of a businesses supply chain.
Business Improvement Service
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boot/install server
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Butt in Seat
Benefit Investigation Service
Bring Into Service
Describes a secondary recommendation that is an alternative to a primary recommendation.
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Acronym for "bits into sound."