Definitions for "Alarm clock"
Keywords:  awaken, clock, alert, morning, wake
(noun) a call or defenswive play intended to alert partner to an unusual situation.
a clock that wakes sleeper at preset time
a clock (wake you up in the morning) A ladybird is a red beetle (have black spots on its back) A waitress is a woman (serve food and drinks in a restaurant) Combine the sentences using a relative clauses without a relative pronouns (Contact Clauses)
an alarm feature which can be set for a specific time and date or can used as a daily alarm.
An audible feature that reminds the user of a time specific event.
A feature used to set time in a cellular phone to remind us.
Keywords:  whine, rise, device, makes, people
a device that makes people rise and whine
a device that makes you rise and whine
(n.) A part of the signal C library function. The signal SIGALRM is sent to the invoking process after a specified number of seconds. Unless caught or ignored, the SIGALRM signal kills the process.
an example of an artificial zeitgeber
Keywords:  horrible, bad, tried, simple, interface
a very simple application, but the interface can be done in a very bad way (I have tried some other alarm applications where the interface was just horrible)
a timepiece which is designed to sound an alarm at a pre-determined time