Definitions for "Airtime"
Time at which an event is broadcast.
Airtime refers to the time tracked by your service/network provider to determine your billing costs. It includes making/receiving calls, retrieving voicemail, text/picture messaging, email and faxing.
The time a subscriber spends on a call.
The sensation of weightlessness. Usually experienced while cresting a hill.
Also known as negative G's. The sensation of leaving your seat, usually felt on the crests of hills and especially when riding the back of coasters. This is the feeling that most coaster enthusiasts generally look for in a roller coaster, especially a wooden one.
Sensation of raising up out of your seat as a result of Negative G's. Occurs on the crest of hills whilst riding in the front of a train, and during the descent of hills whilst riding in the back. Ejector air is abrupt and feels like you will be thrown from the train. Floating air is when you gently raise up out your seat. Standing air is very powerful and results in your whole upper body being lifted up so you are almost standing, this type of airtime can be dangerous and is very rare due to modern restraints.
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The term allocated to the available space on the networks for making telephone calls. When making a call, you use airtime.