Definitions for "SwitchBack "
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a method of building a trail that forms a zig-zag of trails up a mountain. The strategy is to prevent soil erosion and to make the climb easier. Switchbacks are not made to be short cutted although some people do, which damages the trail. Switchbacks are often much appreciated by hikers.
A method of negotiating a steep grade in a confined area. This is accomplished with a series of switches requiring the train to change direction.
A switchback is when the trail at a steep section zigzags back and forth up the mountain instead of going straight up. They are used to prevent erosion. They can make a trail easier or more annoying to climb depending on your perspective.
Switchback was a Canadian television show for children and teens broadcast on the CBC in the 1980s. It was produced regionally from Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Regina and Halifax.
Switchback is a publication of the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program of the University of San Francisco, Deborah Lichtman and Aaron Shurin, Co-Directors. Each issue features some form of dialogue on writing from contrasting or dialectical points of view.
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Switchback is a fictional character, a mutant appearing in Marvel Comics. Created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Ken Lahsley, she first appeared in X-Calibre #1 (March 1995).
Switchback is an American music duo with several full-length recordings released, the earliest of which dates back to 1994. The music of the band falls into the Americana and traditional Celtic genres.
A switchover performed in reverse that results in the original primary database becoming a new primary database. Once you have performed a database switchover operation, you can switch back to your original Data Guard configuration. See also switchover
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A perl script that can change the GNOME background in real-time at user-defined intervals. It scans a list of user-defined directories for images with known file extensions, and selects one at random to display.
SwitchBack makes it easy and safe to synchronize two folders, so that both contain the most recently updated documents.
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a good movie
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When a piece returns to the square of its origin, the move is termed a switchback.