Definitions for "Added value"
Any increment in learning above and beyond the student's level at entry to a programme which s/he takes away at the end.
Any benefit a media outlet can provide its advertisers that go beyond simply running space at rate-card prices.
Incremented value which is generated by e.g. the contribution of management-know-how and coaching through the association company.
A term implying that at each production and distribution function, products are having value added to them in the form of time, place and form utilities from the various activities.
A service or feature that adds value to a commodity, used to distinguish the provider from his or her competition.
often refers to the analysis undertaken by management of the cost and contribution made by employees involved at each stage in the process of producing a product or providing a service.
Operating result (EBIT) + remuneration, social security and pension charges + depreciation, amortization and impairment of assets.
The addition of some worth while quality or performance improvement as a result of some action taken, which may or may not have been part of the original understanding, agreement or contract. [D02558] RMW
An additional element offer to the customer at no extra charge e.g. a free booklet about how to get more out of a product
The amount of extra benefit in terms of outputs gained as a result of a particular identified input to the project.
inventory turnover index
Performance in excess of a stated benchmark or index (see alpha).
The difference between total manufacturing costs and direct material costs; a definition that differs from the one more commonly used in financial reporting