Definitions for "Value Chain"
refers to a business as a "collection of interdependent activities, which in turn, form part of a continuous system that stretches back to suppliers and forward to channels and customers... Using the value chain framework, Michael Porter suggests advantage can be captured through ... improvement or reorganization of these value activities." (van den Bosch & de Man, eds., p.10) [Go to source
is the sequential set of primary and support activities that an enterprise performs to turn inputs into value-added outputs for its external customers. As developed by Michael E. Porter, it is a connected series of organizations, resources, and knowledge streams involved in the creation and delivery of value to end customers. Value systems integrate supply chain activities, from determination of customer needs through product/service development, production/operations and distribution, including (as appropriate) first-, second-, and third-tier suppliers. The objective of value systems is to position organizations in the supply chain to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and value while effectively exploiting the competencies of all organizations in the supply chain.
A variation on Supply Chain. Value Chain is typically used to describe processes that add value in the supply chain that the final buyer in the supply chain will pay for.
a group of enterprises cooperating to progressively add value to a product or suite of products in response to market opportunities
a network of companies or players cooperating to satisfy market demands for a particular product
a related group of organisations co-operating to progressively add value in response to market opportunities
The "who" (retailers, VARs, distributors) or the "what" (dollars or percentages) that is added at every step of the manufacturing process -- from the origin to the end-user. Sometimes shown as a horizontal flow chart. Sometimes part of an industry map.
an aggregate infrastructure of processes, best explained by example
A number of processes that must occur to achieve a desired outcome.
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a number of unique functions that work together to create value (p. 248)