Definitions for "vip"
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Very Important Panda
Very Important Pets
VIP (Versatile Internet Platform) is Gauss Interprise's multilingual Web content management solution.
Virtual Ethernet interface.
Virtual IP address. Required for each node in a redundant pair of WLSEs. For more information, see Redundancy Requirements, page 16-29.
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An acronym for Video Integrator and Processor. This processor was used on the WSR-57 and WSR-74C radars to indicate rainfall rates. It is still used occasionally on WSR-88D radar products. This processor contours radar reflectivity (in dBZ) into six VIP levels.
Video Integrator and Processor, which contours radar reflectivity (in dBZ) into six VIP levels. VIP 1 (Level 1, 18-30 dBZ), Light precipitation; VIP 2 (Level 2, 30-38 dBZ), Light to moderate rain; VIP 3 (Level 3, 38-44 dBZ), Moderate to heavy rain; VIP 4 (Level 4, 44-50 dBZ), Heavy rain; VIP 5 (Level 5, 50-57 dBZ), Very heavy rain, hail possible; VIP 6 (Level 6, greater than 57 dBZ), Very heavy rain and hail, large hail possible.
( ideo ntegrator and rocessor) - software which contours radar reflectivity (in dBZ) into six levels
Vasoactive intestinal peptide. Peptide found in autonomic nerve terminals; may be co-released with classical neurotransmitter; also present in some CNS terminals.
Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide
See verified identification program.
Verified identification program. A program sponsored by the National DHIA, Inc., in which a DHIA supervisor verifies the required identification information for an animal. NDHIA issues an identification certificate, permanently identifying the animal and its parentage.
Vendor Identification Program. The Vendor Identification Program (VIP) assists small businesses by identifying government purchasers for the items they produce for large defense contractors.
Vallery Irons Protection
Vehicle Intrusion Protection
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Videoconferencing over IP.
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VIP is VI in Perl. This is a fun project and everyone is welcome to join.
VIP stands for Vibary Information Provider. The VIP is a local merchant that has contributed information about their business to the Vibary and may have special promotions or events they would like consumers to know about.
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The team patron.
Variable Information Printing
Voice Information Processing. Touchtone telephone system used to register for or adjust courses as well as access information.
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In seven-card stud, the fifth and final round of betting is called seventh street because players have seven cards.
Visual Inspection Program. Standardized visual tank inspection performed by a trained equipment technician, performed annually.
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Victim's Impact Panel
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That's how you'll be treated by your agent
That's how you will be treated by your agent
Veterans Indicators of Performance, Vocational Interest Profile
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VINES Internet Protocol.
the individual-valued property names of a vocabulary