Definitions for "Irons"
Stirrups on an English saddle.
Metal items attached to saddle by pieces of leather, used to hold riders feet.
English sturrups.
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The metal, steel or titanium clubs, including wedges, that are used on most shots between the tee and green.
Clubs with metal blades for heads. They are graduated according to loft from 1 to 10, plus wedges and sand irons. A 1 iron has a 18 degree loft with an average carry of 230 yards; a 5 iron has a 31 degree loft with an average carry of 175 yards; and a sand wedge has a 58 degree loft with an average carry of 90 yards.
various kinds of metal bondage equipment, the best known being the leg irons with two riveted steel cuffs for the ankles attached to a bar or chain.
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An Iron shackle or fetter. OXFORD.
metal shackles; for hands or legs
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A boat is in irons when she has come up so her bow is pointing directly into the wind and she has insufficient speed to pay off on either tack.
Boat is pointing into the wind, sail is flapping and probably also going backwards.
In irons, a sailboat with its bow pointing into the wind preventing the sails from filling properly so that the boat can move. It can be very difficult to get a boat that is in irons back under sail. An old square rigger could take hours to get underway again. In a buggy this is no problem as you can move your kite around you.
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Guns esp. Pistols or revolvers. [Go to source
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or Set of irons: Pairing of a flat-head axe and a Halligan tool. A common combination used for interior fire attack.