Definitions for "Sniffer"
Sniffer is a registered trademark of Network Associates, Inc although it has come to identify a whole class of products that can capture network transmissions and encode the information in those packets into evidence files. BlackICE uses Sniffer-style files for evidence capture.
A program which collects/displays all data packets passing through an ethernet device on a LAN. Sniffing is accomplished by setting the device to promiscuous mode, which enables it to listen to all packets, not just the ones destined for it.
A program and/or device that monitors data traveling over a network. Sniffers can be used both for legitimate network management functions and for stealing information off a network. Unauthorized sniffers can be extremely dangerous to a network's security because they are virtually impossible to detect and can be inserted almost anywhere. This makes them a favorite weapon in the hacker's arsenal. On TCP/IP networks, where they sniff packets, they're often called packet sniffers.
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An instrument for detecting field strength, used mainly to find leaks through shields.
The name of the filter program used by the Infoseek search engine to prevent spamdexing. It detects multiple mirror pages, font and background spoofs, multiple title tags, keyword stuffing and possibly other types of spamdexing.
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an entity that sticks its hand into the river and filters the water through its fingers
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a device, which can be either software or hardware
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A line of protocol analysis products.
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a person who sniffs