Definitions for "Urgency"
The quality or condition of being urgent; insistence; pressure; as, the urgency of a demand or an occasion.
the state of being urgent; an earnest and insistent necessity
an urgent situation calling for prompt action; "I'll be there, barring any urgencies"; "they departed hurriedly because of some great urgency in their affairs"
Keywords:  urine, void, sudden, compelling, desire
Something that calls for immediate action. [D03376] Webster
An intense and uncomfortable sense of needing to urinate.
A strong, sudden urge to urinate, which is difficult to defer.4
Keywords:  hurry, pee, toilet, find, needing
needing to hurry to the toilet.
the need to find a toilet in a hurry.
a very strong urge to pee which makes you hurry to get to the toilet.
Measure of the business criticality of an Incident or Problem based on the impact and on the business needs of the Customer.
A measure of business criticality of an incident or problem where there is an effect upon business deadlines
pressing importance requiring speedy action; "the urgency of his need"
The degree to which an action does not tolerate delay.